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Schedule a Demo: If this is your first experience with the Sepasoft MES suite, schedule a demo to get a crash course on what our modules can do.

Video Training Courses: Have you installed a module, and want to know how to get started? Try our detailed Video Training Courses. These detailed courses walk you through everything thing you need to know to get started with MES, from basic concepts and installation to configuration and scripting.

Online Tutorial: You can go through our Online Tutorial for a step-by-step written guide to creating your first great MES project.


Are you an existing customer?


Video Library: If you’ve already gone through our video courses,  you can simply access all the videos in our library here.

Documentation: Or, you can look through our documentation and manual for specific help with components and scripting. We also have a growing Knowledge Base that includes sample scripts and guides for specific tasks.

Classroom Training: We provide in-person Classroom Training held in our new training center in El Dorado Hills, CA. We can also bring our training to you at your facility.


Are you an integrator? 


MES Certification: Similar to the Inductive Integrator Program, we are looking for MES Certified Integrators. Please contact us for information on how to get certified, and the benefits of doing so.


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