Web Services


The Sepasoft™ Web Services Module gives your Ignition® Gateway the ability to communicate with modern and legacy web services. Web Services will enable you to consume data from and send data to remote and local Web Services, via both REST and SOAP protocols. What’s more, the Web Services Module makes your Ignition® Gateway itself into a RESTful and SOAP web service, so that you can be the source of accurate data at any time.

Introduction to Web Services

The Sepasoft™ Web Services Module empowers MES software to communicate with other systems using web services over the web or private network. Easily configure web service operations and data types visually, then invoke web service operations from the HMI, SCADA, or MES system to read data from or write data to ERP or any other system that supports web services. Our module shares information as detailed as work orders, schedules, product definitions, and asset information, or as simple as the weather forecast.


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Obtain & Transmit Vital Information

The Web Services module’s consumer or client functionality gives your gateway the power to retrieve and send data to web services. It can enable you to obtain weather or mapping data from a RESTful API, or gather upcoming work orders from your ERP’s SOAP interface. The Web Services module’s easy interface lets you configure your request once, and then use it all over your Ignition® projects. No more re-writing complex REST queries; simply run your already-configured Web Service.

Be the Web Service

Web Services also enables you to be a provider of data, via REST or SOAP. So rather than generating and passing around static reports, you can enable your organization to retrieve up-to-date production data on-demand. What’s more, you can also give others the power to perform actions from outside of the Ignition® context. Clear alarms, edit your production schedule – you can make a Web Service for nearly anything you can do in Igntion®, giving the right people the ability to make choices and enabling remote systems to perform operations. The Web Services Module even demystifies the SOAP protocol, giving you a simple UI to create the data structure you wish to serve, and autogenerating your WSDL (Web Services Description Language) file!

Web Services

Built-In Security

Web Services Consumers can successfully communicate with Web Services that use Basic, Digest, and NTLM security protocols, ensuring that your communications are secure. Web Services Providers can be configured to use your existing Ignition User Sources, so your Web Service is every bit as secure as your Gateway. And of course, all communications can be sent via SSL, ensuring that communications are encrypted and secure.

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