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Brand Usage, Guidelines, and Legal Policies


Primary Logo

Sepasoft Logo, horizontal

Horizontal Sepasoft Logo
Acceptable Logo Variations
Sepasoft Icon

Sepasoft Logo, Icon

Sepasoft Color Stacked

Sepasoft Logo, Stacked

Sepasoft MES

Sepasoft Logo, Horizontal MES

Sepasoft Logos for Download
(Vector + .png)


Web Usage: RGB + HEX
RGB: 76, 156, 46
HEX: #4C9C2E
RGB: 0, 74, 152
HEX: #004A98
RGB: 45, 42, 38
HEX: #2D2A26
RGB: 116, 115, 192
HEX: #7473C0
RGB: 98, 203, 201
HEX: #62CBC9
RGB: 212, 130, 50
HEX: #D48232
RGB: 255, 205, 0
Print Usage: Pantone + CMYK
PAN: 362C
CMYK: 74, 15, 100, 2
PAN: 2945C
CMYK: 100, 73, 20, 6
PAN: Black C
CMYK: 67, 64, 67, 67
PAN: 272C
CMYK: 60, 58, 0, 0
PAN: 325C
CMYK: 57, 0, 25, 0
PAN: 7412C
CMYK: 14, 56, 94, 1
PAN: 116C
CMYK: 0, 18, 100, 0

Sepasoft Colors for Download


Primary Type Family

This font family is used for primary correspondence for public-facing materials including but not limited to:

  • Sepasoft Branded print material
  • Web-based creations
  • Promotional marketing materials
  • Visual design-based creations
  • Sepasoft branded tangible items
Twentieth Century
Twentieth Century Font
Accent Type Family

The accent type family is used for minor occurrences to highlight material including but not limited to:

  • MES specific headings
  • Highlights to branded print materials
  • Highlights to branded web-based creations

Steiner Font


Brand Usage Policy for Sepasoft Marketing Materials by Third-Party Companies

Last Updated April 20, 2018


Third-party companies that wish to utilize Sepasoft marketing materials must follow the requirements described in this policy below.

Authorized Parties

The third-party company must be either 1) an active member of Sepasoft’s Integrator Program where “active” means that the company has purchased a product or service in the past 12 months; or 2) a public media company, or 3) a company actively collaborating with Sepasoft on co-marketing activities.

  1. Integrator Program Members

    All available materials that third-party companies (integrators) may use in their own marketing are located in the sections noted above. These materials are available to use as is and according to the terms set forth in this policy. If the third-party company wishes to use any part of any written copy, artwork or design layout of any marketing material, prior written permission must be received via email from Sepasoft’s Brand Manager.

  2. Public Media Companies

    Public Media Companies may use the Sepasoft and Sepasfoft MES logos according to our Policy mentioned above. If the public media company wishes to use any part of any written copy, artwork or design layout of any marketing material, prior written permission must be received via email from Sepasoft’s Brand Manager.

  3. Co-Marketing Collaborating Companies

    These companies are defined as organizations that are actively collaborating with Sepasoft, Inc. on co-marketing activities that are expressly approved in writing by the Brand Manager at Sepasoft, Inc. These companies may use the Sepasoft and Sepasoft MES logos according to our Policy mentioned above. If these companies wish to use any part of any written copy, artwork or design layout of any marketing material, prior written permission must be received via email from Sepasoft’s Brand Manager.

Original Source Files

No original source files will be distributed to a third-party company. No exceptions. Original source files include, but are not limited to, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, etc.

Using Copy, Images, or Design Layouts
  • Written Copy

    Written copy from Sepasoft product data sheets and brochures may be used as is for listing product descriptions on your site or company’s marketing materials as long as the third-party company uses the proper branding mentioned above.

  • Images & Artwork

    Images must never be altered without prior written email approval form the Sepasoft, Inc. Brand Manager.

    Warning: Using images without expressed written consent may expose a third-party company to liability for copyright infringement. Only images provided on the Integrator Portal are acceptable for a third-party company to use.

  • Design Layouts

    Layouts and visual designs in Sepasoft Inc.’s marketing materials may never be used by a third-party company. Third-party companies wishing to create marketing materials must use their own layouts and visual design.

Slide Presentations

A few slide presentations are available for third-party companies to utilize when presenting Sepasoft, Inc. products. The copy may be modified to suit the third-party company’s needs, and it must be clearly represented that the products presented are from Sepasoft, Inc. If in doubt, please refer your questions to the Brand Manager for Sepasoft, Inc.


No copy, images or designs that appear on any of Sepasoft Inc.’s websites may be reproduced, in part or in whole, without express written consent of the Brand Manager of Sepasoft, Inc. If product information is desired, third-party companies may use the copy in product data sheets or brochures (see above, Using Copy, Images or Design Layouts).

Redistribution of Digital Materials

For security and copyright reasons, we do not allow other companies to distribute Sepasoft, Inc. software products via a direct download from their own website. All download requests should be routed to the Sepasoft software download page at:

Case studies, white papers, videos, and other digital marketing assets may be redistributed by linking to the file or webpage on Sepasoft Inc.’s servers; Sepasoft, Inc. may move or remove the file or page on its servers at any time without notice, rendering the link broken, without any liability whatsoever to Sepasoft, Inc.

If the third-party company desires to distribute digital assets by any other method, it must receive prior written consent via email from the Brand Manager of Sepasoft, Inc. before placing on it on the organization’s servers for download via a website, email link, ad, or other digital distribution method.

Sepasoft, Inc. may revoke redistribution usage for all or for any specific digital asset at any time.


All digital assets are copyrighted by Sepasoft, Inc. Any modified copy, artwork or layout that a third-party company may wish to use must be approved in writing prior to such use via email by Sepasoft Inc.’s marketing department.

Copyright notice must be clearly denoted on all materials originating from Sepasoft, Inc.

No quotes may be re-attributed to another individual, or modified in any way except for language translation.


Third-party companies that wish to translate Sepasoft, Inc. marketing materials may do so in the following manner:

  1. Check with Sepasoft Inc.’s marketing department (send email to to confirm that the material is approved to be translated.
  2. If approved, create a text file (Microsoft Word document is preferred) with the translated text.
  3. Clearly identify in English what each translated text is. Unclear translations may be rejected at Sepasoft Inc.’s discretion.
  4. Submit the text file along with a request (in English) of what materials are being modified with the translation.Accepted translations are at the sole discretion of Sepasoft Inc.’s marketing department and notice of acceptance shall be provided in writing via email. No such translation may be used prior to receipt of such consent.

Rights to Use
Sepasoft, Inc. reserves all rights to all content, slogans, logos, diagrams, artwork, and designs. If a translation is made by a third-party company of Sepasoft Inc.’s materials, Sepasoft Inc. has non-exclusive rights to the translated materials. Any translations of any document, in whole or in part, do not give the third-party company any legal authority or right to reuse or redistribute the documents to other companies or individuals for reuse or redistribution. The third-party company has the non-exclusive right to use any translated documents only as long as they meet all the requirements of this document. These rights to use may be revoked by Sepasoft, Inc. at any time at its discretion. Failure to comply with any of the above will result in the third-party company losing its non-exclusive right to use Sepasoft, Inc. marketing materials, in whole and in part.


To receive approvals required as described above, or if you have questions regarding any aspect of this policy, please direct them to