Document Management


Manage production-related documents that are critical to safety, quality, and overall production efficiency–securely and with ease.

Document Management Icon Introduction to Document Management

Managing production-related documents that are critical to safety, quality, and overall production efficiency is easier than ever before with the Sepasoft® Document Management Module. This module empowers manufacturers to manage, distribute, and view SOP (Standard Operating Procedures), MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets), quality documents, checklists, and much more without the typical difficulties.

Some Document Management Module features include:

  • Document Management
  • Tight MES Integration
  • Custom Documentation
  • Storage
  • Versioning
  • Distribution
  • Data Entry
  • Secure
  • and much more!

Build professionally formatted documents including entry fields and images with the included Document Editor component.


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Tight MES Integration

The Document Management Module extends our Sepasoft® MES Suite of modules but can also be used standalone. The drop-in functionality empowers customers to use the same document management system in a unified manner across SPC, Track & Trace, OEE, and changeover settings boundaries. Virtually any MES object that is modeled on the ISA-95 and ISA-88 standards can have a document attached including Lots, Material Definitions, Operations, Recipes, and many more.

MES Document Management

Custom Documentation

Create and maintain user-interactive documentation, such as instructions for assembly workers, warning notes, and data-entry forms for record keeping. Documents are stored as Artifacts on MES Objects (e.g. Material Definitions, Process Segments).


All documents are stored in a standard HTML5 format along with the MES and production data. This completely eliminates issues with documents and MES data stored in different locations. Images are embedded in the documents making broken links to images a thing of the past.


Making sure production staff is using the correct version of a document is solved with the built-in version control that is tied to production activities of the OEE, Track & Trace, SPC, and Recipe & Changeover Modules. Quickly view the differences between different versions of documents with the Document Diff Viewer component.


The correct version of documents are distributed to the correct production site, area, line, cell, process cell, or unit, automatically.

Document Management Graphic

Data Entry

Optionally, collect manually entered production or checklist data with standard data entry fields. Based on templates, documents recording actual production data can be saved for later reference.


MES Document Management utilizes the industry-standard methods to ensure secure access to sensitive documents. Because documents are stored in the same database as the MES data, access to documents is limited to people that have the correct security rights. Documents are backed up along with the MES data eliminating the possibility for items to become out of synchronization.

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