Implementing MES solutions is not a trivial matter and while the MES Product Suite does a lot of the heavy lifting for you, you will need training on the framework, enterprise architecture options, components, objects and scripting functions in order to be successful.

We provide a number of different options to get you up to speed based on your training needs, schedule and wallet.

Online Tutorial

Train at your own pace with the online tutorial. It’s free, available from our web-site, and walks you through building an MES solution, starting off with Track & Trace, adding OEE, SPC, Recipe Management and finally Web Services.

Classroom Training

Our classroom training provides an overview of each of our modules, design patterns and best practices when implementing MES solutions, and completes the training with an instructor led creation of an MES project.

Classes last 4 ½ days, running from 9am – 4pm each day (12pm on Friday). Cost for classroom training is $2,500 per person. Classes take place in El Dorado Hills, California, USA. A portion of the training price ($11/day) will go towards covering meals.

Pre-requisite for attending the MES training course is that you must have taken the Ignition Core Training class or be IU credentialed by passing all online Inductive University challenges.

Please contact your Inductive Account Representative for more information or to sign up for an upcoming training class or workshop.

Scheduled Upcoming Training Dates

June 25th – 29th 2018MES TrainingEl Dorado Hills, CA
Sept 24th – 28th 2018MES TrainingEl Dorado Hills, CA
Oct 15th – 19th 2018MES TrainingEl Dorado Hills, CA
Jan 14th – 18th 2019MES TrainingEl Dorado Hills, CASeats Available

Click here to see the MES Training Outline.

On-site Training

We can also provide training workshops at your facility to accelerate your learning and get your project off the ground. These workshops are ideal for pilot projects as the training will focus on walking through the recommended implementation steps to realize the project goals. You learn as you build!

It is recommended that people attending the training workshop have met the base pre-requisites and are well-versed in the Ignition platform.

Cost for on-site training is $20,000 plus travel expenses. Contact your Inductive Automation Account rep for more information or to signup for an upcoming training class or workshop.

Video Course

Visit our video library to learn more about using our MES modules or sign up to take our video course and pass the test.


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