Introduction to Batch Procedure

The Batch Procedure Module adds batch processing, continuous processing, and general procedure control, based on the ISA-88 Standard, to the Ignition® Platform. Recipe management is simplified by combining sequence control with parameter values in an intuitive graphical user interface. Real-time data collection of batch details provide analysis and electronic batch records.

Some features of the Batch Procedure Module include:

  • Graphical Recipe Editor
  • Separation of Recipes and Equipment Control
  • Golden Batch Comparison
  • Real-Time Batch Status Visibility
  • Electronic Batch Records
  • And much more

This module provides production staff with the tools needed to produce quality batches efficiently and consistently. With real-time monitoring tools and live visual feedback, quality issues can be identified before it’s too late.


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Graphical Recipe Editor

Simply edit recipes on one user-friendly screen using modern drag-and-drop technology. With less system training and development labor required, Recipe Authors and Operations staff can more easily focus on the product.

Batch Graphical Recipe Editor Image

Separation of Recipes & Equipment Control

Empower Recipe Authors and Control Systems Engineers to specialize in their independent roles. With the separation of Recipes and Equipment Control, the cost of engineering and training is lowered throughout the life cycle of the manufacturing process.

Golden Batch Comparison

Target the optimal recipe (“Golden Batch”) by examining which factors resulted in the most successful outcome. With access to large amounts of high-quality data, both effective processes and problematic events can be traced back to specific batches.

Real-Time Batch Status

Enable operators to easily check the status of a batch without an SFC (PFC) chart. With less navigation and drill-down required to monitor a batch, operators can
focus on production.

Real Time Batch Status Image

Batch Procedure Use Cases

Control ISA-88 batch processes, manufacturing procedure-driven workflows, and hybrid processes in one toolset. Simplify maintenance and lower the total cost of ownership with a unified solution that easily fits into different types of protocols and workflows.

Built-in User Defined Type (UDT) Interface

Streamline configuration and minimize error with access to a built-in UDT interface. Map a UDT to field equipment once, and every instance of this UDT will be automatically configured going forward.

Dynamic Dashboards

Share meaningful information using real-time custom dashboards tailored to the needs of your company.

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No-Nonsense Licensing

As your organization grows, scale your batch system without having to purchase more capacity. Users, screens, reports, and field device connections are unlimited within a site license!

Best-In-Class HMI

Sepasoft’s Batch & Procedure Module is one of the few solutions that includes a natively integrated HMI. Unlike alternatives, there is no need to purchase an HMI solution separately or tediously map tags in a custom API.

Site or Machine License

Site License

Unlimited active recipes per physical production site and Ignition® server license.

Machine License

One active recipe per machine license.

Multiple Transfer Methods

Choose from multiple material transfer methods to best reflect existing equipment in the field. With the ability to run different recipes on each unit, the Batch & Procedure Module easily adapts to your organization’s existing processes.

Electronic Batch Records

Ensure that critical procedures are followed and automatically documented to evidence the quality of each batch. These details are saved into electronic batch records alongside quality and traceability data documents that operators can fill out and save with batch data for historical record.

Easy Ad-Hoc Analysis

Pinpoint the source of quality issues and inconsistency with customizable ah-hoc analysis, allowing users to select unique combinations of data values, filters, groupings, and orders. Analyze unlimited amounts of past production data to identify trends and carry forward successful practices to future operations and scheduling.

User-Defined Batch Parameters

Create custom parameters to properly reflect your organization’s batch process. Define the tag type, custom calculations, data types, minimum/maximum values, and more.

Reusable Templates

Unit procedures or operations can be templated and reused for faster and easier development of recipes. Using this functionality, less time is spent on avoidable and repetitive configuration tasks.

Multiple Site Production Data Sync

Improve visibility and reliability throughout the enterprise by easily sharing schedules, production results, and more across multiple sites and servers. With out-of-the-box functionality, integration labor and custom coding are significantly reduced.

Document Management

Securely and easily manage production-related documents to make complex manual processes more repeatable and consistent. Build and distribute documents that operators can fill out and save with batch data for historical record. Learn more about Sepasoft’s Document Management Module.

Batch Document Management Image

IIoT/MQTT Functionality

Prevent loss of historical data, optimize network bandwidth, and improve security by capitalizing on IIoT, with built-in MQTT and OPC/UA support.

Custom Parameter Calculations

Factor your organization’s custom requirements into batch parameters with dynamic calculations. Calculate ingredient quantities based on concentration, determine mix time based on humidity or temperature, and much more.

Simplified Validation Process

Simplify compliance validation using built-in tools such as versioning and a detailed changelog to target specific validation areas rather than revalidating the total process. All changes made to batch configuration are automatically recorded in a complete audit trail evidencing the location, date, type of change, responsible person, and more.

SCADA/HMI Integration

Save hours of customization by managing MES, SCADA, HMI, and more, on a single platform with a unified operator interface and design tools.

Synchronization to ERP Systems

Connect to your ERP or higher level business system without custom development or the burden of maintaining high volumes of script over time. Complicated scripts are replaced by a user-friendly visual interface to sequence communication and map data between systems.

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