MES Enterprise


New for MES Platform 3.0, users can create a global MES Enterprise, enabling users to administer Batch Procedure, OEE, Track & Trace, Settings & Changeover and SPC data for all their worldwide facilities. Data is synchronized seamlessly from the plant floor to the executive suite, enabling you to monitor ongoing operations, assess results, and perform audits across all your plants from one central location.

MES Enterprise Icon MES Platform 3.0: Enterprise Functionality

MES Platform 3.0 extends the MES Suite to provide out-of-the-box MES enterprise functionality across multiple Ignition® Servers. It provides seamless automatic synchronization, delivering materials, equipment, production schedules, inventory, work instructions, and more to the right place at the right time. Production results are passed in real-time up the enterprise architecture, empowering live production monitoring across your entire enterprise.


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Minimal Configuration

MES enterprise functionality is built into the Sepasoft® MES Suite combining Ignition® Gateway Network functionality, thereby reducing configuration to a few simple settings. No additional purchases or installations are required beyond the standard Sepasoft® MES Suite.

On-Prem, on the Edge, or Scale to the Cloud

Using the Ignition® Gateway Network functionality, MES Platform 3.0 allows a user to create MES enterprise servers at any location in your global operation. You can designate any Ignition® server as a member of your MES enterprise, including Ignition® Edge servers and/or cloud-hosted Ignition® servers.

MES Enterprise

Stay in Sync Across Your Enterprise

With MES Platform 3.0, all essential production data is automatically distributed to servers within your MES enterprise—only where it’s needed. With simple configuration, materials, equipment, production schedules, inventory, work instructions, and more will be in the right place at the right time, keeping your production running smoothly.

Rapid Disaster Recovery

All MES configuration data is synchronized with other servers within your MES architecture providing an up-to-the-minute production data backup. This means any server within your MES architecture can be rapidly restored to production state without any loss of data. Restoring your data is as simple as connecting a new MES server. Critical future production data will automatically be restored, minimizing downtime. In addition, MES Platform 3.0 supports Ignition® redundancy, allowing for real-time failover to backup servers on the fly.

Track Essential Metadata with Artifacts

Using the built-in artifacts, any information essential to your enterprise can be assigned to operations, equipment, people, materials, schedules, lots, and more. The information can include, but is not limited to, work instructions, calibration records, test instructions, test results, machine settings, and much more.

The data format is flexible and includes tables, lists, images, binary data, or even PDFs and is synchronized to the correct MES server in context of the larger MES picture.

Centralized Equipment Configuration & Monitoring

The equipment architecture for your entire enterprise can be centrally configured or, depending on security settings, configured locally while modifications are automatically synchronized to the correct servers within your MES enterprise.

MES system performance can be analyzed locally or centrally. Increased granularity of performance including analysis items, MES database queries, and much more can be viewed using the new MES Monitoring Component.

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All changes made to any MES configuration, such as material, equipment schedules, and more, are automatically recorded. Using the new MES Changelog Component, quickly view the complete audit trail, including the location, date, type of change, responsible person, and more.

Business Connector Integration

Business Connector can automatically synchronize production data, such as production schedules, materials, and more, with ERP or other business systems. This data can be automatically synchronized across your entire enterprise as part of MES Platform 3.0.

Unparalleled Value

MES Platform 3.0 provides a unified MES system with centralized configuration, resulting in increased accountability and better collaboration of production plans. With built-in synchronization of production data across the whole enterprise, both implementation time and maintenance costs are greatly reduced. MES enterprise functionality breaks the data island barriers, making production results visible at all levels of your operation in real-time, greatly speeding up the process of identifying and resolving production issues, and keeping an eye on production progress. Centralized system monitoring provides visibility of the MES architecture, including communication links, status of servers, and overall system performance to detect and resolve issues early. These features are vital for a modern enterprise-wide MES implementation.

Built on Ignition®

The MES Suite with MES enterprise functionality installs on Ignition®, the powerful, award-winning, HMI, SCADA, and industrial software platform from Inductive Automation. The MES Suite is built to help your enterprise align with ISA-95 model standards for integrating enterprise and control systems.

By leveraging the full power of Ignition®, Sepasoft® modules are unlike any other MES offering available on the market.

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