Manufacturing Execution System (MES) implementations bridge higher-level planning systems with plant floor control systems. Typically, this system will involve many departments and personas, in addition to accommodating existing processes. The end result makes MES one of the most challenging systems to successfully implement. The Sepasoft Quick Start Program (QSP) helps our end users identify and mitigate common risk factors associated with MES implementation.


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Learn ISA-95 Concepts

The ISA-95 standard developed by the International Society of Automation (ISA) is a model vetted by many companies across manufacturing sectors. It uses common terminology for describing functions, activities, and departments within the enterprise that MES, ERP, APS, and other systems understand. By following ISA-95, failures can be avoided and cost can be controlled. Because the Sepasoft MES modules are ISA-95 compliant and built from the ground up using the ISA-95 model, understanding ISA-95 concepts are very important before starting your MES implementation. The Sepasoft Quick Start Program will help reduce your risk by lowering the ISA-95 learning curve.

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Requirements Gap Analysis

The Sepasoft QSP will review your requirements and identify functionality that is not handled out of the box by the Sepasoft MES modules for which we will provide alternative solutions. This up-front step greatly increases implementation success and controls cost.

Material Flow

Production control and traceability systems require a detailed understanding of material flow through manufacturing processes. The Sepasoft Quick Start Program includes a review of your current material flow or can provide assistance with developing one.

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Best Practices

The Sepasoft QSP will review your requirements and provide best practices to move forward with implementation. This decreases rework that leads to delays and cost overruns.


Building an MES system that is scalable from the start ensures a quicker and less expensive roll-out. The Sepasoft QSP will provide recommendations for project design and architecture to help scale your MES implementation in the future.

Project Reviews

To ensure MES implementations are successful, the Sepasoft Quick Start Program provides periodic project reviews. Project reviews include a technical evaluation during the implementation process to identify and give guidance on any work that may hinder performance, functionality, scalability, and success.

Risk Identification

Reduce risk for your MES implementation with the Sepasoft Quick Start Program. Successfully implementing MES involves much more than configuring software and the Sepasoft QSP will help navigate risks to help ensure success and staying within budget. We help you identify risks to the project so you can take action and guarantee success.

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