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PLEASE NOTE: Ignition® must be installed prior to downloading Sepasoft modules. Download here.

CURRENT OEE 1.0 USERS: (versions 1.9.x and prior) DO NOT UPGRADE TO THIS VERSION

Upgrading from OEE 1.0 to OEE 2.0 involves multiple steps. Completing the steps incorrectly, or failing to make adequate backups can cause the migration to fail. The Legacy Import documentation is here: Migrating from OEE 1.0 to OEE 2.0.

Current: MES 2.0 Platform
The newest platform used by our MES core modules provides the latest support for distributed control, enterprise capability, performance and seamless integration across the modules. Track & Trace and OEE 2.0 now share the same ISA-95 object model providing greater flexibility to support any type of manufacturing process in any industry.

MES ModuleModule Version
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Production Module2.9.2 SP5Required for OEE, T&T, SPC, and Recipe Modules
OEE Downtime2.9.2 SP5Core Module
Track & Trace2.9.2 SP5Core Module
Recipe/Changeover2.9.2 SP5Core Module
SPC2.9.2 SP5Core Module
Web Services2.9.6 Full ReleaseUtility Module; Latest version is 2.9.6 and can be used with 2.9.2 core modules.
Instrument Interface1.9.5 SP2Utility Module
Barcode Scanner1.9.5 SP2Utility Module
2.9.2 SP5 Change Notes

Version 2.9.2 SP5 is for Ignition platform 7.9.4 or higher.

What is fixed in 2.9.2 SP5?

  1. Thread safety for Equipment WIP bindings.
  2. The auto-end-by-time setting in the Material Manager had a bug, now resolved.
  3. Analysis fixes (e.g. elapsed time for include children, shortstop).
  4. You can have very large rollover values across all database vendors: Postgres, MySQL, MSSQL, and Oracle.

The MES 2.0 platform release contains the new OEE 2.0 module. All other modules maintain the same functionality as their MES 1.0 counterparts but have been modified to work on the new platform. The Web Services, Barcode Scanner, Instrument Interface and Production Simulator modules from the MES 1.0 suite can be installed alongside these MES 2.0 modules. All other modules need to be upgraded to the 2.0 version. If you are upgrading from any of the MES 2.0 versions, please restart your Gateway after install.

Change Notes

Legacy: MES 1.0 Platform

Our original platform and base for the OEE 1.0 module.

MES 1.0Module Version
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OEE Downtime1.7.9
Track & Trace1.7.9
Recipe Changeover1.7.9
Web Services1.7.9
Instrument Interface1.7.9
Barcode Scanner1.7.9

Change Notes

Release Candidates for MES 2.0 Platform

Early access allows end users the ability to test their projects for compatibility and to access the upcoming features in advance.

Release CandidateModule Version
OEE DowntimeRCx
Track & TraceRCx
Recipe ChangeoverRCx
Web ServicesRCx
Barcode ScannerRCx
Instrument InterfaceRCx
MES Module Archives

The MES module archives provide legacy releases for our modular software solutions.

WARNING: These legacy releases are provided to help developers troubleshoot and debug issues in older systems. For security reasons, Sepasoft does not recommend using these legacy releases for production.

Additional Information

The Track & Trace, OEE Downtime, Recipe/Changeover, and SPC modules require the installation of the Production module. All modules must be in the same version!

The Sepasoft MES software development life cycle (SDLC) is as follows: Beta > Release Candidate > Full Release > Service Pack

  • Beta: Version that has not yet passed our Test/QA process and is therefore not ready for a production environment. We provide this version as an opportunity for end users to test in a development environment.
  • Release Candidate: Version has passed through our Test/QA process and is considered to be stable enough to be used in development and production.
  • Full Release: Version follows the Release Candidate version and may include any minor fixes reported or found.
  • Service Pack: Consists of minor updates to the Full Release version.