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Sepasoft Module Downloads

Install Sepasoft modules in Ignition®
Sepasoft module versions correspond to the Ignition version installed. See below for details.

The versioning scheme for our modules for Ignition® is as follows:

MES Platform (dot) Ignition Version (dot) Minor Revision
  • Sepasoft Module MES Platform
  • Ignition Version
  • Sepasoft Service Pack Release
For Best Results:
  • All Sepasoft MES modules must have the same version for installation.
  • Business Connector and Web Services Modules must have the same version for installation.
  • MES Utility Modules must have the same version for installation.
Upgrading? See:
We highly recommended installing the Ignition version listed in the  ‘Highest Tested Ignition Version’  stated in the downloads tabs below.

Stable Release: Follows the Release Candidate and may include any minor fixes.
Release Candidate: Passed QA and is considered to be stable enough to be used in development and production.
Service Pack: Consists of minor updates to the Full Release version.

Listed below are the Sepasoft 8.1 modules that support the Inductive Automation Perspective Module.

The Inductive Automation Perspective Module provides responsive design for client-side viewing on any screen size. The 3.81.x modules that contain Perspective components are focused primarily on commonly-needed operator tasks in the OEE Downtime and Track & Trace modules.

ProductionOEE DowntimeTrack & Trace
MES Analysis ControllerOEE Downtime TableMES Lot Selector
MES Analysis SelectorOEE Material ManagerMES Trace Graph
MES Analysis TableOEE Run Director
MES Object SelectorOEE Time Chart
MES Schedule Selector
MES Schedule View
MES Work Order table

Planned development for other Sepasoft modules include: SPC, Settings & Changeover, and Utility Modules.

Release Notes