Sepasoft MES Sales Transition 2023

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MES Sales Transition

Sepasoft and Inductive Automation have been strategic partners for over 10 years. During this time, both companies have experienced significant growth. In the last 5 years alone, the product offerings of both Inductive Automation and Sepasoft have more than doubled. MES pricing and architectures have also become more complex to accommodate increasing numbers of customers. As we grow, we are continuously looking for ways to streamline our processes and support our customers.

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For this reason, Sepasoft is building a sales department that focuses solely on MES products. Starting January 1, 2023, MES quoting, invoicing, procurement, collections, lead management, and other administrative sales duties transitioned from Inductive Automation to Sepasoft. We will continue to work hand-in-hand with Inductive Automation to provide a high level of service to our customers. 

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Because Sepasoft lives and breathes MES, we can focus 100% of our time on its benefits, architectures, and best practices to support our customers, distributors, and integrators throughout the MES sales process. You already interact with Sepasoft’s MES experts on project calls and technical sales demos – our role will simply expand to manage all aspects of the MES sales process. Going forward, we look forward to working more closely with you to provide a fantastic customer experience.

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Please refer to the FAQs below for more information. If you have additional questions or feedback and would like to discuss this topic further, please do not hesitate to schedule a meeting with Reggie Valin, Sepasoft’s Director of Sales, or contact


Frequently Asked Questions


Are Inductive Automation and Sepasoft still partners?

Yes, absolutely. The transition of MES sales functions to Sepasoft does not change the established integration between Sepasoft and Ignition, nor does it change the close relationship between Sepasoft and Inductive Automation. On the contrary, it is more important than ever for our two companies to communicate effectively in order to provide the best experience for our many shared customers. We are intertwined not only for sales, but to support our customers throughout implementations and future projects.

You’ll notice that Sepasoft is now a Solution Partner to Inductive Automation, along with 4IR Solutions, as part of Inductive Automation’s new Solution Partner program. “The products and services from Solution Partners are fully compatible with Ignition software and allow users to easily add more functionality to their Ignition installation. Users will also benefit from the Solution Partners’ years of experience within their domains, excellent technical support, and the assurance that Solution Partner Program offerings are trusted by Inductive Automation.”


What happens next?

Your Inductive Automation Account Executive will introduce you to Reggie Valin, Director of Sales, or another member of the Sepasoft Sales Team. Any future sales, care renewals, or licensing requests will be directed to the Sepasoft Sales team.


I currently purchase Sepasoft MES through a distributor or integrator. Does the transition affect this sales process?

Any sales through international distributors or systems integrators can continue to go through these channels. There is no change to the roles of international distributors or systems integrators. Going forward, distributors and integrators will partner with Sepasoft for MES sales rather than Inductive Automation.


What happens to my existing support plan? Will there be any changes in how support works during my active support window, before my renewal?

Your current support plan with Inductive Automation will remain active for any Ignition products and renew in the typical manner. Any support on MES products with a renewal date of 1/1/23 or later will shift over to Sepasoft. Sepasoft is currently contacting customers to initiate the process of setting up Sepasoft as a vendor, and provide an MES care renewal quote for the coming year. To start the renewal process now, please contact

There will be no changes to how support and upgrade protection function. Sepasoft’s Support Policy is modeled after Inductive Automation’s Support Policy, and reflects the same support levels, pricing, long-term support policies, etc. As always, Ignition support issues can be directed to Inductive Automation and MES support issues can be directed to Sepasoft. Inductive Automation and Sepasoft will continue collaborating on technical support issues that concern both suites of products.


How can I set up Sepasoft as a vendor?

Sepasoft does not require customers to go through a procurement process. If your company requires documentation to set up Sepasoft as a vendor (i.e. W-9, payment details, etc.) in order to issue purchase orders and payments in the future, please contact Sepasoft Accounting at or (800) 207-5506 (option 4). Please do so sooner rather than later to avoid delays to future sales and support renewals.