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Sepasoft MES solutions provide you with the tools you need to efficiently manage your MES data without spending too much time custom-building your own solution. Read more below to find out which solution best suits your needs!

MES Enterprise

MES Enterprise

The Sepasoft MES Enterprise extends the MES Suite to provide out-of-the-box MES enterprise functionality across multiple Ignition® Servers.

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MES Enterprise Data Sheet

MES Enterprise

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OEE Downtime

OEE Impromptu Analysis

The Sepasoft OEE Downtime Module empowers manufacturers with actionable data that can help managers reduce operating cost, increase asset utilization and boost operating efficiency that results in improved profitability.

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OEE Data Sheet


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Track & Trace

Trace Graph Image

The Sepasoft Track & Trace Module manages your inventory in real time. By adding this module, your system can have the capability to look up where any product has been in its manufacturing process, and where it is now. It records the start and end of each production run in real-time and monitors the status of the materials while being consumed.

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Track & Trace Data Sheet

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Statistical Process Control


The Sepasoft SPC software will help you reduce or eliminate late or missing sample collection, inaccurate sample data and other issues leading to quality problems. This module delivers your SPC data in real-time to the right people in a comprehensive format using the flexible control charts and analysis tools.

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SPC Data Sheet

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Recipe & Changeover


A recipe defines settings and amounts to manufacture a specific product in a consistent manner. It is an essential part of the production process. Sepasoft Recipe software fits into the Manufacturing Execution System (MES) layer that resides between the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) layer and the plant floor. It provides an efficient means to manage and select recipes, track variances in recipe values, keep recipes secure, track recipe changes, analyze recipes and generate recipe reports.

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Recipe & Changeover Data Sheet

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Instrument Interface

The Sepasoft Instrument Interface Module will let you capture raw textual data from instrument type devices via serial, text files, OPC devices and more, and enable you to parse out the meaningful values that can be saved to databases or passed along to other systems.

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Barcode Scanner

The Sepasoft Barcode scanner module is a utility module. With Sepasoft Barcode scanner, customers can use barcode scanning capabilities to facilitate material handling. User can scan badge to sign off on materials, Master Production Records, Batch Production Records, and other production tasks. Software also includes the ability to hide manufacturing records not in use and added option for customers to include their own logos.

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Web Services

Web Services

The new Sepasoft Web Services Module empowers MES software to communicate with other systems using web services over the web or private network. Easily configure web service operations and data types visually, then invoke web service operations from the HMI, SCADA or MES system to read data from or write data to ERP or any other system that supports web services. It shares information as detailed as work orders, schedules, product definitions, and asset information, or as simple as the weather forecast.

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Web Services Data Sheet

Web Services
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Business Connector

Business Connector

The new Sepasoft Business Connector Module builds upon decades of industry best practices to enable seamless integration between your enterprise systems and your Ignition®-powered manufacturing floor.

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Business Connector Data Sheet

Business Connector

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Interface for SAP

SAP Graphic

The new Sepasoft Interface for SAP Module extends Business Connector with an SAP®(soon to be certified)interface, adding native connectivity between Ignition® and the world’s most popular ERP system.

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Interface for SAP Data Sheet

Interface for SAP

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