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OEE Downtime Module Suite Benefits

MES Scalable
Expand from the edge-of-network up to a global MES enterprise with no rework or loss of data

Real-Time Efficiency Tracking
Drive continuous improvement by responding to production issues in real-time

Downtime Data Collection
Quickly identify and focus your efforts on the top downtime reasons affecting your operating efficiency

Customizable Dashboards
Configure dashboards for all personas in your organization, from operators to executives

Enterprise Integration
Eliminate duplicate entries and errors by seamlessly sharing data with other business organizations

Automatic Data Collection
Acquire more reliable OEE results with automatic data collection, enabling your production staff more time for other tasks

Intelligent Downtime Detection
Highlight key sources of production loss enabling your team to quickly resolve the root cause of downtime

OEE Edge Dashboard

OEE Modules Comparison Matrix

OEE & Downtime Analysis

Quickly identify and focus your efforts on the top downtime reasons affecting your operating efficiency.

Downtime AnalysisAccurately determine the root cause for loss of production with advanced downtime detection algorithms.
Easy Ad-Hoc AnalysisPinpoint production inefficiencies with customizable ah-hoc analysis, allowing users to select unique combinations of data values, filters, groupings, and orders.
Post-Run CorrectionsKeep KPIs, analysis results, and historical data accurate with the ability to adjust previously collected production data.
Chart & Table Drill DownAchieve a deeper understanding of OEE analysis with chart and table drill-down functionality.
Historical AnalysisIdentify downtime trends and target areas for improvement by retaining and analyzing unlimited amounts of past production data.Limited
Record Custom Data ItemsEvaluate how non-OEE factors (e.g. vendor, tooling) are affecting efficiency by incorporating custom data items into your analysis.Limited
5 items
5 items
Automated Production ReportsReliably communicate OEE results across the organization by integrating with Ignition Reporting to automatically generate and send reports via email or other methods.
Multiple Site Analysis and ReportingMonitor production efficiency across all operations of your global enterprise by comparing OEE and production results across sites and production areas.
Real-Time Results

Drive continuous improvement by responding to production issues in real-time.

Real-Time OEE ScoresRespond to production issues as they happen with live notifications and visual feedback showing overall OEE, availability, performance, and quality scores.
Dynamic DashboardsShare meaningful information using real-time custom dashboards tailored to the needs of your company.
Real-Time Equipment Data CollectionMinimize error and reduce manual input by capturing equipment data automatically, freeing up operators to focus on their primary task of producing product.
Equipment Timing ChartDetermine the root cause of downtime events and optimize material flow by visualizing interactions between line equipment.
Live KPIsConfigure custom Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that will best help your organization improve production efficiency.LimitedLimited

Easily adapt to organizational growth with a unified MES solution that supports change over time. Sepasoft MES expands from the edge-of-network up to a global enterprise with no rework or loss of data.

Integrates with Enterprise ArchitectureAny version of OEE can be included in a seamless enterprise architecture allowing complete synchronization of production data and total visibility of the organization as a whole.n/a
MES Server Health MonitoringDetect and resolve system issues before they cause loss of production with out-of-the-box health monitoring tools.
Unlimited Lines per Site LicensingRoll out an MES implementation across your entire site without significant licensing costs or hidden fees. Unlike alternatives, a Sepasoft site license includes unlimited lines and machines.
No-Nonsense LicensingAs your organization grows, scale your MES system without having to purchase more capacity. Users, screens, reports, and field device connections are unlimited within a site license
IIoT/MQTT FunctionalityPrevent the loss of historical data, optimize network bandwidth, and improve security by capitalizing on IIoT, with built-in MQTT and OPC/UA support.
Multiple Site Production Data SynchronizationImprove visibility and reliability throughout the enterprise by easily sharing schedules, production results, and more across multiple sites and servers. With out-of-the-box functionality, integration labor and custom coding are significantly reduced.
Multiple Site Configuration SynchronizationSimplify the configuration process with automatic synchronization across multiple sites and servers. Minimize duplicate entry, misconfigurations, and other entry mistakes without custom coding.
High Configurability

Customize system configuration to meet the unique requirements of your organization.

Automatic, Manual, or Hybrid Data CollectionReduce operator workload with automatic data collection, with the option to collect valuable details manually. With the flexibility to collect data automatically, manually, or through a hybrid process, all relevant OEE information is captured.
Configurable Equipment ModesTrack asset utilization by configuring user-defined equipment modes that are most meaningful to your manufacturing process. User-definable modes can be anything but typically include changeover, set up, R&D, production, maintenance, and idle.
Equipment Manager ComponentEasily configure your equipment hierarchy in an intuitive representation of your plant floor. Define state, mode, and other settings unique by site, area, line, machine, and more.
Detailed ChangelogAll changes made to any MES configuration are automatically recorded to help you meet the challenges of regulatory compliance. Quickly zero in on significant changes with access to a complete audit trail evidencing the location, date, type of change, responsible person, and more.
Data Export/Import CapabilityEnjoy the freedom to use production data however you choose. Optionally, export and import data with external systems for further analysis or configuration.
Material ManagementKeep your key performance indicators (KPIs) accurate by configuring unique rates and settings for each material-equipment combination.
Multi-Database Vendor SupportSimplify implementation by selecting the database vendor that best fits into your existing IT standards.
Artifact ManagementEnsure the correct versions of materials safety data sheets (MSDS), work instructions, travelers, and more are available when needed. Attach additional data files (e.g. images, PDFs, etc.) to schedules, work orders, materials, equipment, and more.
Production Control

Achieve production goals by tracking progress and monitoring production conditions using live visual feedback.

Running ChangeoverAccurately track production counts and other key data when running multiple products on a line. Built-in OEE algorithms support running changeovers with two or more products running on a line simultaneously.
Flexible Shift ConfigurationAccurately predict production outcomes that match your shift schedules with flexible shift configuration, including rotating shifts and holidays.
Live Plant Floor SchedulingDetermine whether you’re on track to meet production targets in any given moment. Plant floor scheduling is automatically updated and forecasted based on live production conditions, providing you constant feedback on the status of operations.
Work Order ManagementFulfill production targets by tracking the real-time status of work orders, including units scheduled, produced, and remaining. Work orders spanning multiple runs or lines can be viewed in aggregate, providing the ability to review the work order as a whole.
Scheduling AnalysisAnalyze past production runs to identify trends and carry forward successful practices to future operations and scheduling.

Transition from isolated systems and data silos to a coordinated, full-featured MES. With Sepasoft’s modular design, business systems of different functional areas can work together in harmony for greater insight.

Automatic Machine Settings ManagementManage machine settings to prevent quality issues and downtime. Identify deviations as they happen and quickly resolve critical issues with role-based management. To learn more, visit our Machine Settings Management (formerly Recipe & Changeover) product page.
Document ManagementSecurely and easily manage production-related documents that are critical to safety, quality, and overall production efficiency. Build and distribute documents that operators can fill out and save with MES data for the historical record. To learn more, visit our Document Management product page.
Synchronization to ERP SystemsConnect to your ERP or higher-level business system without custom development or the burden of maintaining high volumes of the script over time. Complicated scripts are replaced by a user-friendly visual interface to sequence communication and map data between systems. To learn more about ERP synchronization, visit our Interface for SAP ERP product page. To learn more about business systems connectivity, visit our Sepasoft Business Connector product page.
Integrated Quality TrackingMinimize waste and rework by catching quality issues early in the production process. Identify out-of-control variations with automatic alerts to resolve them before they become bigger (and more costly) problems. To learn more, visit our SPC product page.
Integrated TraceabilityRapidly recall material genealogy from raw materials to finished goods, including real-time WIP inventory on the plant floor. To learn more, visit our Track & Trace product page.
Compatible with IgnitionSave hours of customization by managing MES, SCADA, HMI, and more on a single platform with a unified operator interface and design tools. To learn more about the Ignition Platform, visit Inductive Automation’s Ignition Platform product page.Ignition Edge Only

Which OEE Solution Best Fits You?

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A Standalone System with a
Low-Cost Implementation
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Best For:
Edge-of-network, individual lines, and on-machine software powered by Ignition Edge
OEE Lite product icon
OEE Capabilities without
Work Orders or Scheduling
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Best For:
Multi-Line, multi-site implementations with no need for work orders or scheduling features
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A Robust,
Full-Featured System
Best For:
Multi-Line, multi-site implementations with work orders and scheduling features