MES 3.81.7 RC1: Perspective SPC Charts Release

Sepasoft Release Candidate Adds Perspective SPC Control Charts to the Statistical Process Control (SPC) Module

Much-awaited Perspective SPC Control Charts are here! 

Perspective user interface components have already been developed for basic production, OEE, Track & Trace, Document Management, and Batch Procedure modules. Sepasoft’s development team has leveraged new software technology and chart-specific libraries for the creation of SPC Control Charts in Perspective.

Sepasoft has released version 3.81.7 RC1, which includes the following 16 SPC Control Charts in Perspective form:

  1. Box and Whisker Chart
  2. C-Chart
  3. Histogram Chart
  4. Individual Chart
  5. Median Chart
  6. Moving Range Chart
  7. NP-Chart
  8. P-Chart
  9. Pareto Chart
  10. Process Capability and Performance Chart
  11. Process Capability Chart
  12. Process Performance Chart
  13. Range Chart
  14. Standard Deviation Chart
  15. U-Chart
  16. XBar Chart


This release has both increased component combinations flexibility and moved many of the extension and component functions to properties that can be (1) bound to other components without scripting or; (2) easily referenced within scripts. A few new features were added along the way based on customer feedback, such as optionally locking the Y-axis range to specific values.

Individual and Moving Range Charts

Individual Chart

In addition, properties can be applied to specify SPC Settings as part of the chart.  Now you can use the SPC Controller (released with the charts) or reference an SPC Setting directly from the chart itself. View the full release notes for 3.81.7 RC1 for more details.

Process Capability Chart

Process Capability Chart


Perspective Roadmap

What’s next in the Perspective category, you ask? The team will be prioritizing the SPC and Settings & Changeover components that are in the highest demand based on customer feedback. For more information on release targets, please contact


How can Sepasoft help?

The use of the Sepasoft SPC Module in Perspective provides greater flexibility and in turn, a more robust user interface, saving our customers both time and money. We are here to answer any questions you may have. Contact us today to learn more about how you can optimize your SPC Module using Perspective.

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