Sepasoft wants to help you navigate/mitigate risks associated with MES implementation. We’re thinking a few steps ahead and want to provide help stemming from our prior experiences!

The years of experience our Sepasoft team has in both MES implementation prior to developing our products and from supporting end-users and integrators with MES implementations using our products have provided us with valuable knowledge. We have organized this knowledge and built internal systems that allow us to help you identify risks and deploy best practices to ensure project success.

We have found that there are integrators that have tremendous experience implementing our competitors MES systems, but they still go through a learning curve with Ignition and our MES modules. One of the goals of the Quick Start Program is to reduce the time for the learning curve that results in not exceeding the integrator’s estimated hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Needs the Quick Start Program?

Beginning in 2018, new customers will be required to complete the Quick Start Program for their initial successful project MES implementation review.

What is the Quick Start Program?

The Quick Start Program is a design consultation catered to the specifics of your MES implementation. Sepasoft’s Design Consultants will help identify and mitigate common risk factors associated with MES implementation.

When is the Quick Start Program Deemed Critical?

The Sepasoft team deems QSP most critical in the upfront stages of MES implementation.

Where is the Quick Start Program Factored?

Once you’ve committed to an MES implementation, our team will work with you to customize a plan utilizing the Quick Start Program tailored to your specific project implementation needs.

Why Do We Need the Quick Start Program Factored?

Our Quick Start Program helps forecast for a successful MES implementation. By identifying and mitigation project implementation risks up front, we reduce future bottlenecking and major hurdles during the final stages of project implementation. A win-win!

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