Premier Integration: Focusing on Best Practices.

Sepasoft Values Accredited, Certified, And Premier Status Integration. Why? We Want To Ensure MES Implementations Are On Time And On Budget While Utilizing Best Practices! We Also Want You To Ensure Your Customers Are Working With Experienced Integrators.

With a focus on providing the highest quality of MES software integration, we recognize integrators who have proven their capabilities of successfully implementing our Sepasoft MES modules by offering the status of Premier Integrator. Our Sepasoft MES Premier Integrators are Ignition® Core Certified, have successfully completed the Sepasoft Certification program, and are of the most knowledgeable MES integrators.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Premier Integrator?

Our Sepasoft MES Premier Integrators are some of the most knowledgeable integrators! They have demonstrated their capabilities to provide best practices with our Sepasoft MES module implementation. Our Premier Integrators are Ignition® Certified and meet the highest standards of quality Sepasoft has to offer including best practices MES Module implementation an have a proven track record of apply industry best practices to their own projects! 

Why Become a Premier Integrator?

Becoming an MES Premier Integrator shows end-users you fully understand how to correctly implement an MES solution utilizing industry best practices. MES Premier Integrators receive rewards for acquiring and maintaining their Premier status including a 30% off of the full list price for the MES modules of the passed certification tests, Premier listing on the Sepasoft integrator directory, one free training seat per year for each integrator location (worth $2,500!), unlimited free certification tests (a savings of $200/test), priority tech support for certified persons, and integrator portal access.

Who Are Currently Featured as Premier Integrators?

Our Sepasoft MES Premier Integrators are listed below.

A&E ENGINEERING | Premier Integrator

Satisfying every customer, every day – that’s what it’s all about isn’t it? Whether you’re making the materials, parts or ingredients that other manufacturers count on or the finished products that people consume, drive, use, or enjoy every day. To deliver the specs that will meet their demands, you need an ally. You need A&E Engineering.

Grantek Logo

GRANTEK | Premier Integrator

Grantek is a system integrator and solution provider with a specialization in Manufacturing IT solutions, Manufacturing Automation solutions, Industrial Safety solutions and Manufacturing Consulting services. Since 1980, Grantek has been enabling higher return on investment to our clients by creating better processes and solutions for them, including packaging solutions, control systems design, MES implementation, electrical design, and more. With over 180 employees, Grantek has offices located in British Columbia, California, Florida, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Ontario, and Quebec.


Industrial Control Systems has been on the leading edge of software development since our inception in 1998. We develop solutions for customers in various industries such as pet food, human food, logistics, automotive, and the oil services industry. We leverage Sepasoft’s modules in correlation with other leading providers of machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide real-time analytics that predict the outcome of our customer’s production systems.

Vertech logo

VERTECH | Premier Integrator

Vertech provides modern control system integration services for modern manufacturing and processing enterprises. We focus on four key competencies: plant floor control systems, SCADA systems, MES systems, and secure industrial networks. Vertech has offices across the country and a dedicated team of certified, experienced Ignition developers to deliver both localized and enterprise-level solutions. Most importantly, we place as much emphasis on being great to work with as we do on delivering exceptional work.

Where Can I Learn More Information?

To become an MES Premier Integrator, complete our MES Certification program. An overview and step-by-step guide is available here: MES Certification

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