Sepasoft wants to help promote integrators who have proven their ability to successfully implement MES systems. Because MES implementations involve much more than just knowing the software, we feel it is important for our end customers to know our MES Certified Integrators will help minimize risks and deliver successful projects with their MES implementation.

What is the MES Certification Program?

The MES Certification program has been designed to ensure that Certified MES Professionals and Certified System Integrator Companies have the necessary skills to ensure a successful MES implementation. The program evaluates both knowledge of the MES products from Sepasoft, but also the success of actual projects to determine MES Certification status. 

Why Become MES Certified?

Sepasoft wants to ensure successful MES project implementations! Incentives for becoming and maintaining MES Certification include license discounts, training tools, templates, and public exposure with your certification credentials on our Integrator Directory.

How Do I Become MES Certified?

First things first! Become IgnitionⓇ Certified. This acknowledges you understand the IgnitionⓇ platform that our MES modules run on. Next, create a login at, complete any of the MES video training courses, and request and pass one of our MES certification tests. Lastly, complete a successful MES project utilizing the Sepasoft MES Modules and upon successful review, you will be MES Gold Certified!

For more information, check out our MES Certification page. Questions? Reach out to us: