OEE Lite
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The Sepasoft® OEE Lite Module empowers manufacturers to reduce operating costs while increasing asset utilization and operating efficiency resulting in improved profitability..

OEE Lite product icon  Introduction to OEE Lite

Tracking overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and downtime just got easier. The OEE Lite Module empowers manufacturers to reduce operating costs while increasing asset utilization and operating efficiency resulting in improved profitability.

Some features include:

  • Real-Time Efficiency Tracking
  • Downtime Data Collection
  • Executive Dashboard
  • Scalable
  • Mobile MES Access
  • Fully Customizable
  • Automatic Data Collection
  • Easy MES Licensing
  • And more!


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Real-Time Efficiency Tracking

Access current production, efficiency, and downtime data instantly through graphical executive and operational dashboards. This empowers management and operations to respond to real-world issues as they are happening today, not last week. Accomplish continuous improvement, as well as LEAN and Six Sigma business strategies by communicating efficiently and clearly between all departments.

Downtime Data Collection

The OEE Lite Module supports automatic, manual, or a hybrid collection of downtime reasons. Improve production efficiency by quickly identifying and focusing on the top downtime causes.

Executive Dashboard

Quickly organize and visualize efficiency and downtime data with powerful analysis tools that take you beyond typical canned reports.

OEE Edge Dashboard

Enterprise Integration

The OEE Lite Module fully supports integration with business systems like enterprise resource planning (ERP), central health monitoring, changelog, distributed enterprise architectures, and more.  With these tools, your organization can share data and communicate seamlessly across all your manufacturing facilities in a unified way.


Start small and expand without spending more to replace or redesign your OEE Lite to include more production lines or sites. OEE Lite connects to a Sepasoft® site or enterprise architecture with simple configuration. If more MES functionality is desired, upgrade keeping your configuration and historical data.

Mobile MES Access

Access your facility’s OEE reports from anywhere your mobile device can travel. Save production staff time by instantly entering downtime reasons, production scheduling changes, notes, and more, without being tied to a desktop computer.

Fully Customizable

Because manufacturers have different requirements, the OEE Lite Module allows you to modify existing screens, reports, etc., or create them from scratch for a fully customizable system, putting you in charge of your data.

OEE Lite Drill Down

Automatic Data Collection

Improve accuracy of information with automatically-recorded data rather than manual entry and interpretation by production staff. As an added benefit, important staff time can be utilized elsewhere.

Easy MES Licensing

There are no limits to how many users or how much data you process, so you can get the right information to the right people. You will never worry about paying for additional users or increased data usage as your system grows.

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