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MES Platform 3.0
Take Your MES Solutions to the Next Level
Take your MES system to a whole new level with Ignition 8.1+ compatibility, greater visibility
into your production environment, and increased flexibility from the plant floor all the way up to the enterprise!
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Extend the Possibilities for
Your MES System
High Performance Analysis
Drive Improvement using
High Performance Analysis
Determine the root cause of production loss
Pinpoint and resolve production inefficiencies
Identify trends and areas for improvement
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Easily Accommodate Your
Facility with Scalable MES
Support hybrid architectures
Adapt to companies with mixed facility sizes
Expand from edge-of-network to global enterprise
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Monitor Real-Time Results
with Custom Dashboards
Respond to production issues as they happen
Share meaningful data enterprise-wide
Automatically collect real-time data
Key Benefits: Executive Level Operations
Sepasoft MES increases your return on investment through increased transparency
from the plant floor all the way up to your enterprise level.
Save Time While Increasing ROI
Increasing your return on investment gets easier with the time-saving features MES Platform 3.0 has to offer. Communication, integration, and configuration processes are all streamlined allowing your workforce to function more efficiently.
Achieve Global Transparency
With MES Platform 3.0, all levels of operation are visible, regardless of locale. Monitor production efficiency across all operations of your global enterprise, drilling all the way down to a specific production line.
Increased Performance = Greater Efficiency
Peak performance optimization uses caching to prevent duplicate calculations & analyses, requiring less demand on your server, database, and network…all combined with a highly-optimized analysis engine, resulting in an overall boost to your efficiency.
Eliminate Communication Barriers with a Unified MES Solution
Effortlessly connect with your entire organization from anywhere. Workarounds or communication barriers will no longer hinder your access to production data.

MES Enterprise and Core Module Functionality gets a Boost


Easily scale your MES system and accommodate each plant’s needs with a single unified MES solution. With unlimited users, screens, reports, and field device connections per site license, there is no need to purchase more capacity as your organization grows.

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Smart MES Data Synchronization (New!)

Improve visibility and reliability throughout the enterprise by easily sharing schedules, production results, and more across multiple sites and servers. With out-of-the-box functionality, integration labor and custom coding are significantly reduced.

Rapid Disaster Recovery (New!)

All MES configuration data is synchronized with other servers within your MES architecture providing an up-to-the-minute production data backup. This means any server within your MES architecture can be rapidly restored to production state without incurring any loss of data.

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Key Benefits:
For the Engineers
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Stay Synchronized with
Central Management
Simplify the configuration process with automatic synchronization across multiple sites and servers. Minimize duplicate entry, misconfigurations, & other entry mistakes without any custom coding.
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Easily Test & Validate
Before Going Live
Prevent undesirable results by testing & validating configuration changes before going live. Using our built-in features, push and pull changes between development, QA, & production environments with ease!
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Simplify Business
Systems Integration
Connect to your ERP or higher-level business system without custom development or the burden of maintaining high volumes of script over time.
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Centralized Health Monitoring (New!)

Computers, networks, databases, field devices, etc. all working together smoothly is essential for production-critical systems. With early detection of health issues, swift action can be taken to prevent your MES system from causing loss of production.

Detailed Changelog (New!)

All changes made to any MES configuration are automatically recorded to help you meet challenges of regulatory compliance. Quickly zero in on significant changes with access to a complete audit trail evidencing the location, date, type of change, responsible person, and more.

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Manage Artifacts gif

Manage Artifacts (New!)

Ensure the correct versions of materials safety data sheets (MSDS), work instructions, travelers, and more are available when needed. Attach additional data files (e.g. images, PDFs, etc.) to schedules, work orders, materials, equipment, and more.

Maximize Your Plant Floor Transparency
Sepasoft MES provides greater visibility into your inter-departmental plant floor operations.
Plant Floor Operator
Determine whether you’re on track to meet production targets in any given moment. Plant floor scheduling is automatically updated and forecasted based on live production conditions, providing you constant feedback on the status of operations.
Production Manager
Respond to production issues in real-time with live notifications and visual feedback showing overall OEE and quality scores. Prioritize work activities and focus efforts appropriately based on real-time production data.
Prioritize maintenance activities with the biggest impact on production efficiency by utilizing real-time data insights and trend analysis. Accurately identify and resolve the root cause of machine downtime to avoid preventable maintenance issues going forward.
Quality Manager
Minimize waste and rework by catching quality issues early in the production process. Identify out-of-control variations with automatic alerts to resolve them before they become bigger (and more costly) problems.

Automatic, Manual, & Hybrid Data Collection

Reduce operator workload with automatic data collection, with the option to collect valuable details manually. With the flexibility to collect data automatically, manually, or through a hybrid process, all relevant OEE information is captured.

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Document Management (New!)

Securely and easily manage production-related documents that are critical to safety, quality, and overall production efficiency. Build and distribute documents that operators can fill out and save with MES data for historical record.

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Lot Manifests

Enterprise MES systems must support transferring material lots between production sites and areas. Our manifest feature supports grouping multiple material lots for easy processing or shipping with complete traceability.

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