SAGE Group

Sepasoft MES Gold Integrator

SAGE is a global group with a team of more than 470 people across 12 offices and five companies, including SAGE Automation, Nukon, Skills Lab, Embedded Expertise and TCS. Providing a comprehensive suite of services to industrial operators, SAGE Group has the in-house capabilities to provide expertise for all aspects of a project, from design through to commissioning and beyond. We bring together the brightest people and the best technology to help deliver projects globally. SAGE is Australia’s largest independent system integration company, specialising in remote telemetry, SCADA integration and automation/control systems. SAGE provides project management, engineering design, supply, manufacture of control panels and MCCs, installation, programming and commissioning from concept to practical project completion. SAGE has a proven and innovative engineering capability, robust project management procedures and processes, and a solid financial foundation. As an independent system integrator, SAGE is uniquely positioned to offer the best solution for the client, ensuring that they are not locked into customised preferred platforms. We ensure this by developing technical expertise in all facets of our business and encouraging diverse experience of platforms, technology and industries. Providing accurate, reliable and powerful data analytics to industrial operators and businesses, SAGE assists clients to optimise their businesses through open data insights. Effective business optimisation relies on having accurate data at the right time, and SAGE offers services such as OT-IT convergence, predictive analytics, machine learning and data aggregation. SAGE Group company SAGE Automation is the first Australian company to achieve CSIA certification, confirming our focus on delivering certainty for our clients. CSIA Certification provides for a common base of benchmarks and procedures for management, finance, quality control, and consistent project and engineering methodology. The purpose is to ensure that the system integrator will be a quality firm that is financially stable, with a successful track record of performance over time. SAGE has developed a reputation for excellence in our technical appreciation and solution development through our continuous investment in people, well developed methodologies, system integration appreciation and, most importantly, through working closely with clients to align our solution to desired outcomes.

MES Certifications
3 Gold, 2 Certified, AND 3 Credentialed MES ENGINEERS


Melrose Park, SA
Geelong West, VIC


OEE Gold Certified
3 Engineers
OEE Certified
1 Engineer
SPC Credentialed
4 Engineers
Settings & Changeover Certified
1 Engineer
Settings & Changeover Credentialed
1 Engineer
Track & Trace Certified
1 Engineer