Pigler Automation, LLC

Sepasoft MES Certified Integrator

Pigler Automation, LLC was founded in 2005 by Karen and Harald S. Pigler. We offer more than 60 years of experience in Process Automation. Pigler Automation has grown to currently 20 employees with 15 engineers working exclusively on automation projects. We are a certified system integrator for Ignition; a system integrator for Kepware, Wonderware and other vendors; and a certified solution partner for Siemens. Pigler Automation has successfully completed projects in the Mining, Chemical, Power Generation and Water Treatment industries. Our work involved not only the full spectrum of engineering but also Project Management, Training, Commissioning, Marketing and Software Development. Our goal is to provide you with Excellence in Process Automation in order to ensure the technical and financial success of your Process Automation Projects.

MES Certifications



OEE Certified
1 Engineer
SPC Certified
2 Engineers