Phantom Technical Services, LLC

Sepasoft MES Gold Integrator

Phantom Technical Services, LLC provides top quality MES Solutions, Controls System Integration, Programming, and Design/Fabrication of Enclosures for all of your industrial needs. Our elite staff has a wide range of experience, which allows us to understand, use, and/or implement almost any system. Our business is built on providing the best quality work with the highest integrity. At Phantom, we pride ourselves on providing the appropriate solution for your facility while taking future growth into great consideration. By installing a scalable solution, you have the opportunity to start collecting data and build your system into an ERP driven enterprise.

MES Certifications
1 Gold, 3 Certified, AND 5 Credentialed MES ENGINEERS
Automotive Traceability with OEE
Midwest United States
Phantom was tasked with creating a Track & Trace application on the customer’s existing indexing
Phantom was tasked with creating a Track & Trace application on the customer’s existing indexing Assembly Line X and Assembly Line Y. Each Assembly line has an indexing conveyor with nearly two dozen production stations. At each station, a master part enters the station, processes are performed on the master part and child components are added to the master assembly. Each station on the conveyor needs to verify all processes variables are within tolerance of a recipe driven production run. At the completion of each station process, the production parameters as well as child components are recorded to the master parts genealogy. During each production run, OEE and Downtime will be associated with the line and assembly station.



OEE Gold Certified
1 Engineer
OEE Credentialed
8 Engineers
SPC Credentialed
4 Engineers
SPC Certified
2 Engineers
Settings & Changeover Credentialed
6 Engineers
Track & Trace Credentialed
4 Engineers
Track & Trace Certified
2 Engineers
Business Connector Credentialed
4 Engineers
Batch Procedure Certified
1 Engineer