NeoMatrix, Inc.

Sepasoft MES Gold Integrator

NeoMatrix offers a wide range of programming and integration services with a focus on Manufacturing Automation and Information Technologies. Our solutions drive quality production processes and empower operation teams with access to real-time and historical plant information and key performance metrics. NeoMatrix specializes in using cloud technologies in combination with PLC, HMI/SCADA, Historian and reporting tools from the leading automation vendors to create scalable, reliable plant automation and information solutions to create operational efficiencies and reduce manufacturing costs.

MES Certifications
1 Gold, 1 Certified, AND 2 Credentialed MES ENGINEERS


Andover, MA
40 Shattuck Road Suite 315
Peter Larochelle


OEE Gold Certified
1 Engineer
OEE Credentialed
2 Engineers
SPC Credentialed
1 Engineer
Settings & Changeover Credentialed
1 Engineer
Track & Trace Certified
1 Engineer
Track & Trace Gold Certified
1 Engineer
Track & Trace Credentialed
1 Engineer