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MES Certifications
Tracking of Raw Material and Recipe Mgmt
Project Description With the customer creating a high quality product in a very competitive market,
Project Description

With the customer creating a high quality product in a very competitive market, they needed a rapid development platform that would allow fast deployment. Ignition and Sepasoft were chosen due to: ease of development, data security, and the licensing model that allowed deployment of clients with different functionality through all departments. This allows Operations to run the plant, R&D access to analyze production data, and management to do production planning. All of the functions within the factory, at multiple levels, can access tailored clients to maximize performance for each user group.

Project Scope

To provide full control over production recipes and changes
To provide traceability of all finished goods
To be able to trace product loss


Traceability and Recipe Management: all produced the same day, goes into a dedicated silo for the day, to be packed the following day.


For recipe management, the Sepasoft Recipe Module was used. It allowed full password protection and a change log for anyone making changes to current recipes and sub-recipes. The Sepasoft Track and Trace module was also used, recording all incoming raw material as well as tracking material consumption.


For recipe management, all major setpoints for the production are being monitored with live values, allowing the Ignition alarming system to raise alarms to management if any setpoints are changed during production.

For Track and Trace, all produced goods can be traced back to raw materials. Further, reporting on total consumed utility, as well as raw materials vs total finished goods, are furnished.
As finished goods undergo testing prior to shipping, it is now possible to confirm the genealogy of the product, but determine product loss during testing. Data that was not available prior to fielding the solution.


Amphoe Bang Lamung, Chang Wat Chon Buri


OEE Certified
1 Engineer
SPC Certified
1 Engineer
Settings & Changeover Gold Certified
1 Engineer
Track & Trace Gold Certified
1 Engineer