IndusAuto Technologies

Sepasoft MES Certified Integrator

We IndusAuto Technologies is a leading Technological Solution Provider company for various Process & Material Handling Industries. We offer the full spectrum of services including Hardware Engineering, Instrumentation, Process skids, Project Management, Manufacturing of Electrical/Pneumatic Control panels, Repairing, IT & networking solutions, Software Engineering, IIOT, Data analytics, Digital Twins, Installation & Commissioning to take your project from concept to completion.

MES Certifications
1 Certified AND 2 Credentialed MES ENGINEERS


Chennai, Tamil Nadu
No 36 Church Road, Radha Nagar, Chro...
Karthi Thangavel


OEE Certified
1 Engineer
OEE Credentialed
1 Engineer
SPC Credentialed
2 Engineers
Settings & Changeover Credentialed
1 Engineer
Track & Trace Certified
1 Engineer