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Grantek is a system integrator and solution provider with a specialization in Manufacturing IT solutions, Manufacturing Automation solutions, Industrial Safety solutions and Manufacturing Consulting services. Since 1980, Grantek has been enabling higher return on investment to our clients by creating better processes and solutions for them, including packaging solutions, control systems design, MES implementation, electrical design, and more. With over 180 employees, Grantek has offices located in British Columbia, California, Illinois, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida, Ontario and Quebec.

MES Certifications
Traceability and ERP Integration
Western US
Problem: Customer was implementing a new ERP solution and determined that they required MES functionality
Customer was implementing a new ERP solution and determined that they required MES functionality to facilitate communication between the plant floor and the ERP.

The Track and Trace module was integrated into their existing Ignition platform to automatically collect the detailed material input and output information from each process line to be transmitted to the new ERP. New interfaces were developed to allow operators to interact with Ignition to introduce lot information during raw material receipt and material transfer between tanks.
Five process lines were incorporated into the Track and Trace solution, each having their own PLC devices. The existing Ignition SCADA application was also leveraged for traceability related information. The existing Ignition client architecture was maintained at the facility to be leveraged for use in interacting with the additional screens and pop-ups. The main control room Ignition client setup was where the main access to the traceability information was performed.
Bin movements and Production Output and Consumption were the main ERP transactions developed for to allow collected information from the automation process to be provided to ERP. Numerous workflows of material tracking throughout the facility were documented for both the Oils facility and the two Grains facilities.
Solution architecture was a single virtual machine with Ignition and a SQL database setup for the MES table schema. Development was performed in a development environment before being migrated to the production environment.
All the core traceability reporting was provided and training performed.
All of the PLC tags for traceability were investigated, mapped out, and configured in the final solution.
Architecture involved a central virtual machine for Ignition and the associated SQL database to be connected to by distributed full clients at key locations across the facility.

Due to changes with how the ERP solution was implemented by another vendor the Track and Trace solution was reduced to the automatic data collection and reporting of the material information at each process line. This solution was successfully tested with the customer across the available process lines, demonstrating the designed and implemented traceability functionality. Due to restrictions with interacting with the new ERP solution the final results were decided to no longer be transmitted directly to the ERP solution and would remain solely in Ignition for review.
OEE 2.0 Beta Implementation
A major soft drink manufacturer needed the improved root cause downtime detection capabilities of OEE
A major soft drink manufacturer needed the improved root cause downtime detection capabilities of OEE 2.0 during its Beta phase to be piloted on one of their packaging lines. Integration of their numerous products, scheduling process, and dynamic changeover management were also required to support business decisions and KPI results.

Grantek worked with the customer to help them determine their core criteria for success with their future MES solution. With this information, Grantek then took on the challenge of designing and deploying the desired solution using the new OEE 2.0 module during the early Beta testing phase of the module.
With the commitment to success of Grantek’s development team, Grantek was able to learn and provide feedback to Sepasoft on the status of the new features in the OEE 2.0 module, while deploying a scalable solution for the customer.

The pilot solution has become the baseline to be used for all future OEE deployments. The final solution aligned with the customer’s existing production workflow and incorporated scheduling and changeover target management automatically, based on existing procedures by the operators. Interest in continuing to expand the pilot’s capabilities grows as more and more departments, such maintenance, production, and engineering, become engaged with the solution.


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