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Flexware Innovation’s purpose is to make your manufacturing company more successful. We know you need to achieve high productivity and quality targets, faster throughput, and continuously reduce costs. Manufacturing needs information that enterprise IT solutions just don’t provide. Flexware tailors manufacturing IT systems to improve your data collection, automation integration, and traceability, with better production interfaces, digital dashboards, and other manufacturing information tools. We help you integrate operations, automation, engineering, and quality control for better decision making.

MES Certifications
2 Gold AND 2 Credentialed MES ENGINEERS
OEE 2.0 Implementation
The customer wanted to achieve OEE and downtime tracking across the plant in order to
The customer wanted to achieve OEE and downtime tracking across the plant in order to track the efficiency of their equipment across shifts, days, weeks, operators, etc. They wanted a solution that would take the place of the subscription-based system that they had been using. The solution was built upon an existing 7.9 Ignition gateway and a MSSQL backend with the Sepasoft OEE Downtime 2.0 module. The HMI was built for the operators at the equipment so they could manually enter downtimes at the start and end of each production operation. Because of the irregularity of the production schedule and the many nuisances that occur during production, the customer wanted the downtimes to be entered manually after the downtimes occur. As the operator enters the downtime, Ignition scripts interact with the Sepasoft production model using the tag collector functions. In order to analyze the OEE data, the analysis selector was used to view live statuses of each of the pieces of equipment. A reporting framework was also developed so the customer could create custom reports from the data generated by the OEE Downtime module.



OEE Gold Certified
2 Engineers
OEE Credentialed
2 Engineers