ESM Australia

Sepasoft MES Certified Integrator

ESM Australia, founded in 1996, builds systems with Ignition that connect, collect and manage industrial data across the enterprise, from the factory floor & edge devices right through to ERP, embracing the principles of IIoT, Industry 4.0. Our dedicated engineering team have many years’ experience designing and integrating advanced automation and motion control systems in a wide range of industries, and leverage this real-world experience to help manufacturers harness industrial data to achieve peak performance. ESM strives to simplify complex problems for our clients using the best possible tools like Ignition & Sepasoft, enabling our clients to deliver secure, reliable, and sustainable production, profitably.

MES Certifications


Stafford, Australia
5/12 Billabong Street, PO Box 3060
Andrew Brown


OEE Certified
2 Engineers
SPC Credentialed
1 Engineer
Settings & Changeover Certified
2 Engineers