Edgewater Automation

Sepasoft MES Credentialed Integrator

Edgewater Automation is an ISO 9001:2015–certified designer and builder of custom advanced automation equipment and manufactured structures and systems, including robotics, machine vision, motion control, automated test and data acquisition, and software control and management solutions for all manufacturing industries. With offices in Michigan and South Carolina, Edgewater Automation is well positioned to support its core customers in life sciences, automotive and commercial vehicles, consumer packaged goods (CPG), general manufacturing, electronics and battery manufacturing, and logistics.

MES Certifications
1 Credentialed MES ENGINEER



OEE Credentialed
1 Engineer
SPC Credentialed
1 Engineer
Settings & Changeover Credentialed
1 Engineer
Track & Trace Credentialed
1 Engineer
Business Connector Credentialed
1 Engineer