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Design Group operates from over 40 global offices in the US and India providing Engineering and IT consulting to the world’s leading companies through the efforts of over 1400 engineering and technical specialists. Design Group professionals have direct industry experience with industrial automation, process engineering, regulatory compliance and systems integration. Design Group provides professional engineering, architectural and construction management services through our wholly owned and professionally licensed subsidiary, Design Group Facility Solutions, Inc.

MES Certifications
2 Gold, 6 Certified, AND 2 Credentialed MES ENGINEERS
Replaced existing Excel OEE system
California, US
Customer had a previous performance management tool built from a combination of Excel and Access
Customer had a previous performance management tool built from a combination of Excel and Access based tools. This was very cumbersome and very prone to breaking and overall was not a scalable solution for the needs of the organization. The customer needed a more consistent way to capture information related to production that was more robust and relied less on manual input

Solution was to implement a Sepasoft OEE based solution in Ignition. The MES 3.0 platform was leveraged with a Vision front end. A development, acceptance, and production environments were leveraged to ensure appropriate change management for the project and deployment. Auxiliary custom calculations were leveraged to further extract specific impactful KPIs from the manufacturing process.

Replaced existing Excel based OEE tracking as well as a prior custom system to track OEE. The new system allows customer to leverage a consistent platform and conform to a common way to measure performance across several different types of equipment and across the enterprise.


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Mike Allgood
Lakewood, CO
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Adam Welles
Santa Ana, CA
King of Prussia, PA
555 Croton Rd. Suite 320
Tsuyoshi Kurokai (DG-PHI)


OEE Credentialed
3 Engineers
OEE Certified
4 Engineers
OEE Gold Certified
2 Engineers
SPC Certified
1 Engineer
SPC Credentialed
1 Engineer
Settings & Changeover Certified
1 Engineer
Settings & Changeover Credentialed
1 Engineer
Track & Trace Certified
3 Engineers
Track & Trace Credentialed
1 Engineer
Business Connector Credentialed
1 Engineer