Product Codes

Manage Product Specifications & Machine Efficiency Rates

Calculate Accurate OEE Rates

Efficiency rates will change depending on product specifications-which affects the rate of overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). Product specifications must be taken into account to determine the correct rate of effectiveness. The OEE Downtime Module stores the settings for a product code for each production line it can be produced on, making it quick and easy to schedule products, and track the OEE rate accurately.

Manage Product Codes

Create product codes with preset efficiency specifications for each production line. If your facility has more than one production line, most likely any one product can only be produced on certain production lines.

Keeping products and corresponding production lines organized within product codes will expedite scheduling and help you determine how to get the product produced most efficiently amongst other products running at the same time.

Store Product Specifications For Easy Scheduling

Product codes are stored and can be used for all future work orders, eliminating redundant data entry over time. Codes can then be assigned to work orders, reducing entry time.

Different machines may be used for different portions of the process. Set up work orders by pulling together all the product codes assigned to a variety of machines that are required to complete the work order.

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