OEE Solutions for Every
Manufacturing Environment

OEE Downtime Module Suite Benefits

MES Scalable
Expand from the edge-of-network up to a global MES enterprise with no rework or loss of data

Real-Time Efficiency Tracking
Drive continuous improvement by responding to production issues in real-time

Downtime Data Collection
Quickly identify and focus your efforts on the top downtime reasons affecting your operating efficiency

Customizable Dashboards
Configure dashboards for all personas in your organization, from operators to executives

Enterprise Integration
Eliminate duplicate entries and errors by seamlessly sharing data with other business organizations

Automatic Data Collection
Acquire more reliable OEE results with automatic data collection, enabling your production staff more time for other tasks

Intelligent Downtime Detection
Highlight key sources of production loss enabling your team to quickly resolve the root cause of downtime

OEE Edge Dashboard

Which OEE Solution Best Fits You?

oee edge product icon
A Standalone System with a
Low-Cost Implementation
(Coming Soon!)
Best For:
Edge-of-network, individual lines, and on-machine software powered by Ignition Edge
OEE Lite product icon
OEE Capabilities without
Work Orders or Scheduling
(Coming Soon!)
Best For:
Multi-Line, Multi-Site Implementations With No Need for Work Orders or Scheduling Features
OEE Downtime Icon
A Robust,
Full-Featured System
Best For:
Multi-Line, Multi-Site Implementations With Work Orders and Scheduling Features