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MES Projects require a different approach than that of traditional SCADA implementations. Project Management, Change Management, a knowledge of production beyond software, and a clear understanding of the goals and objectives of an MES implementation are as equally important as having a solid understanding of the MES Product Suite and framework architecture.

The MES Certification program has been designed to ensure that Certified MES Professionals and Certified System Integrator Companies have the necessary skills to ensure a successful MES implementation. As an MES Certified Integrator, your client can be confident that their MES solution will be implemented in the correct way.

Why Become Certified?

Becoming certified will take effort and time on your part, but MES Projects are not a trivial undertaking and can become a high-risk venture if you do not have the necessary skills. Becoming certified will mean something that is valuable, your projects will be better, completed sooner, have lower risk, and enjoy a higher success rate.

Our certification program is designed to ensure that you have the necessary skills to implement successful MES projects. We want you to be successful and will provide the training, tools, and templates to help you. We will offset your time and costs with license discounts and help you grow your MES business by providing leads.

All of our Certified Integrators must abide by the Terms and Conditions, which can be downloaded here: Sepasoft MES Integrator Terms and Conditions

For details on how to start your certification process, general questions, and/or help submitting forms, contact us at

  • The average test completion time is about 2 hours per test
  • Testing available for up to one year
  • You will have 3 attempts to complete each test with an 85% passing rate or higher
  • Premier Integrators get their testing fees waived


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How to Become an MES Certified Integrator

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