We need a better way to manage the downtime reasons in the production model. For large models it is very laborious to add and edit reason tables (e.g. I am about to add 400 cells).
Having export/import capability is the first and easier approach I presume.
Ideally it would be fantastic to have a reference table, or something akin to a UDT. Think of a plant that has 400 cells with identical reason tables, and I needed to add/edit a reason. It would be better (quicker and less error prone) to edit this in one place.
Even better would be if this function had override capabilities (like the tag UDT). A cell instance would have the default reasons, but you could add or override individual items.
Speaking from experience, downtime reason trees can take a lot of effort to get right, and can be dynamic during the initial phases of a program.


Originally posted by asher.cornelius@gmail.com