Module Downloads & Release Notes
Platform 3.0 MES Modules
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PLEASE NOTE: Ignition® must be installed in order to use Sepasoft modules. Download here.

Sepasoft is pleased to announce the initial Release Candidate of our Platform 3 MES Modules. Platform 3 provides a variety of exciting and important new functionality to the Sepasoft MES offering, which you can read about here.

Before downloading and installing the Platform 3.0 modules, users should be aware of the below information:

  1. The initial Platform 3.0 Release candidate only includes the OEE and Track & Trace modules, without compatibility for the Sepasoft Recipe & Changeover (Recipe) and SPC modules. Do not install these modules alongside Recipe and SPC, as the Recipe and SPC modules will cease functioning. Platform 3.0 Recipe and SPC modules will arrive in the coming weeks.
  2. Moving from Platform 2.0 to Platform 3.0 involves a manually-triggered, one-time upgrade process, without requiring changes to on-screen components or scripting functionality. This upgrade process enables the massively improved object performance visible in Platform 3.0. All existing scripts and screens should continue to function as before the upgrade. This upgrade process can take from minutes to a few hours, depending on the size of your MES database and the quantity of MES Objects configured on your gateway. Please follow these steps to perform this upgrade.
  3. Note that users cannot upgrade directly from Platform 1.0 to Platform 3.0. Please contact Sepasoft Support if you are a Platfom 1.0 customer wishing to upgrade to Platform 3.0
  4.  We have performed extensive, successful testing on actual customer systems during our development process, but we strongly suggest that you perform this upgrade on a “Development,” “QA,” or otherwise non-production gateway to minimize downtime and ensure upgrade success.
  5. There are a limited number of Platform 3.0 Known Issues. Please review them here.

Please feel free to contact Sepasoft Support prior to performing the above upgrade–we are very happy to oversee and provide guidance during this process.

By downloading the modules below, you certify that you have read and understood the above information.


OEE and Downtime Module 3.80.0 RC1

Track and Trace Module 3.80.0 RC1

Production Module 3.80.0 RC1


OEE and Downtime Module 3.79.0 RC1

Track and Trace Module 3.79.0 RC1

Production Module 3.79.0 RC1