Training & Documentation Manager
Full-Time position

El Dorado Hills, CA

Become part of a team that develops software to track production, efficiency, quality, and more for manufacturing companies around the world. We are in a unique category of software development that is diversified and stable across numerous manufacturing industries including automotive, electronics, food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and many more.

Sepasoft has a flexible hours work environment that allows employees to set their own work hours (within reason). We understand the contributions that every employee has on the overall company success and provide a bonus that is directly tied to company sales. We are an expanding company, and there is an opportunity for advancement within our growing company in the future.

The position of Training & Documentation Manager involves (1) conducting training that helps customers achieve success with our software and (2) creating, maintaining, and refining instructional materials for users.

Customer training is composed of technical guidance on implementing Sepasoft software, as well as application in real-life manufacturing scenarios. This proactive education is essential to successful projects and ultimately satisfied customers. By encouraging our customers to participate in training, we increase the chances of successful project implementations and lessen the impact on technical support downstream.

The documentation component of this position involves creating and maintaining user manuals, training manuals, and instructional videos. This involves understanding the software functionality as well as customer questions regarding our solutions. In some cases, it requires creating workaround procedures when standard procedures do not meet the customer’s desired functionality, for instance, in a Knowledge Base article. The position will work closely with customers, other support staff, and product management to field world-class online documentation resources.

The new hire will receive paid training including a combination of self-paced video, classroom, and on-the-job mentoring by senior support staff.

The person filling this position must exhibit the ability to learn new software quickly, enjoy working through and solving customer problems, working in independent or team environments, and have a passion for computer technology. This individual must also demonstrate the ability to understand complex concepts and break them down in a concise and understandable way for beginners.

Required Skills:

  • Quick learning abilities
  • Degree in a technical field: Computer Science or Engineering a plus
  • Very organized and strong attention to detail
  • Strong grammar and solid English language skills
  • Strong knowledge of Windows and Ubuntu Linux
  • Knowledge of Ignition or Sepasoft software is a strong plus
  • Databases and SQL
  • Knowledge of mobile device technologies a plus
  • Python Programming knowledge

Responsibilities and Expectations:

  • Lead online and in-person training to educate customers and integrators about the implementation of Sepasoft software.
  • Write technical user documentation as appropriate for its intended audience.  External documentation source material provided from development, technical support, and internal documentation.
  • Create technical training videos on product utilization.
  • Extract documentation details from source code.
  • Write knowledge base articles that provide instructional steps to customers.
  • Create and ensure accurate, meaningful, and high-quality written and visual content including product documentation, training materials, knowledge base articles, etc.
  • Work effectively on multiple tasks simultaneously.
  • Manage online documentation website.
  • Review and publish release notes from JIRA on the appropriate website(s).