Barcode Scanner

Facilitate Material Handling, Lot Tracking and Operator Login

The Barcode Scanner module extends Ignition to provide the ability to detect and decode barcode input. The module works with traditional one dimensional (1D) barcode formats, plus the newer two dimensional (2D) and GS1 international standard of formats that can contain multiple pieces of data.

UPC BarcodeCode 128Data Matrix
Supported Barcode formats

The module comes pre-configured with 100+ barcode patterns to decode standard barcodes like UPC, EAN, and GTIN, plus the full range of the GS1 application identification (AI) standard formats for trade items, logistic units, assets, locations, service relationships, and special applications. The pre-configured patterns will meet the needs of most operations using standard barcode formats and content. In addition, the module can be fully customized to read proprietary or industry specific barcode content.

Simplify Barcode Scanning

Commonly reading barcode input would require an operator to place the keyboard cursor on a selected input field on a screen, then scan the barcode to read the content into the selected field. If multiple barcodes need to be scanned or the content of the barcode contained multiple pieces of data, then it often requires additional intervention by the operator to get the input recorded correctly.

With the Barcode Scanner component placed on an existing screen, it will listen for any barcode input. When a barcode input is detected, it is automatically decoded based on one of more barcode patterns and then raises a script event with the results. The script can then simply put the results into the correct input field(s), update tag(s), write to database table(s), etc.

Reduce Input Error

The probability of human error and the time required for manual data entry is reduced drastically through the scanning of barcodes. Inventory control is enhanced since it is fast and reliable.

Barcodes can be displayed on reports, and you can define your own custom barcode labels that will show product specific information and custom images. Customers can use barcode scanning capabilities to facilitate material handling, users can scan their badge to sign off on materials, Master Production Records, Batch Production Records, and other production tasks.


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